Show Notes: EaglesFanCast, Episode 4 for August 29, 2007

- Preseason game 3 against the Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Defense concerns (again)
  • Gocong’s green, and not midnight green
  • McNabb’s protection wasn’t there
  • Sav Rocca proved again he has a cannon for a leg

- Opening salvo predictions for the Packers game… Eric and Chuck stayed conservative; Todd went long to Curtis

- Worst trades in Philadelphia sports: Barkley, Schilling, among others

- We make our Philadelphia Eagles 2007 Regular Season Predictions
(Let’s hope Todd’s right!)

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EaglesFanCast Episode 3 for August 22, 2007

Jeremiah Trotter talk - we'll miss him, but with the Eagles, it's all business.

Preseason game vs. Carolina Panthers
- McNabb looked smooth and comfortable
- Tony Hunt looked good
- Lito Sheppard looked very impressive
- Jeremy Bloom didn't impress, but nursing a hurt foot
- Team just looked confident

Eagles Carnival and Silent Auction coverage
- Raised over $1Million for the Eagles Youth Partnership

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EaglesFanCast Episode 2 for August 14, 2007

First Preseason Game vs. Baltimore Ravens
-loss of Ryan Moats for season
-big hit on Sav Rocca
-Eagles Defense - tackling worries
Why so many preseason games at all?
NFL Rule Changes for the 2007-2008 season
Eagles Carnival and Eagles Youth Partnership

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OK, OK, I know it's just preseason.  But that means that the regular season is just about around the corner!  Come on people, get up!!


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EaglesFanCast Episode 1 for August 7, 2007

Introductions to your hosts
Tailgating in Philly and elsewhere
Craziest events we've witnessed
Best safeties
Lurie and his "State of the Team" address
Player talk: trades, Defense, Garcia, McNabb, Gocong, Kearse

Update: Aug 9th - Had a sampling rate issue with the original file that would have the "chipmunk effect" in Flash-based audio players.  The file is now fixed... chalk it up to growing pains.  Sorry about that if you were not able to hear the podcast.
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Just to let you know, in case you've checked our test podcasts, that the EaglesFanCast begins tomorrow, August 7th.
Check back here tomorrow night (after 10pm) for the podcast.

You can see our main blog at

Hope you like!

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