Show Notes for Tuesday, October 30, 2007

  • Eagles win 23-16 over the Minnesota Vikings
  • Vikings onside kick seemed to wake up the Eagles, and Andy Reid
  • Defense continues to dominate
  • Trent Cole named NFC Defensive Player of the Week
  • Dallas Cowboys talk: Romo’s new contract
  • Andy Reid’s son arrested again… will this play into the head coach’s planning?
  • Brian Dawkins is looking to start this week
  • New England Patriots talk
  • Matt McCoy cut from the team
  • Sav Rocca’s big boot

We may not have a show next week because Chuck and Eric will be on vacation in Disney World with our families… pay attention to the blog into next week to see if we’ll be able to get a show out from Florida.

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Show Notes for Tuesday, October 23, 2007

  • We talk about the Eagles loss this week to the Chicago Bears
  • Frustrations about the Eagles Red Zone efficiency
  • Coaching questions amplified yet again
  • We move on to the tailgating adventures
  • The RV, the food, the drinks, the fun
  • Jimmy from Jimmy CraicHead TV was there to interview us as part of an Eagles tailgating video blog
  • Eric lets the Eagles get the best of him and he depresses himself live!

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Show Notes for Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
  • Eagles win 16-9 over the NY Jets
  • Andy Reid is now 9-0 after a BYE week… does that matter, or is it hype?
  • Special Teams concerns with Chicago this week
  • Some talk about the Patriots
  • We discuss the Eagles Offense - Westbrook great in his return; McNabb struggling
  • Talk about Defense - solid again
  • We have big concerns for Brian Dawkins and his injury… will he return?
  • Why isn’t Chris Chambers an Eagles right now??!!
  • Upcoming Chicago Bears game at The Linc
  • Tailgate plans for this week!
  • Link: Jimmy CraicHead TV

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Show Notes: Episode 10 for Tuesday, October 9, 2007

  • We record this episode through a thunderstorm
  • Jason from Bleeding Green Nation blog and podcast is with us tonight
  • No Eagles news, so we talk about the Bills / Cowboys game last night
  • Round-table question time:
    • Based on the offseason and preseason, what Eagles player has been your biggest surprise/disappointment so far?
    • Questions and rumors surround Coach Andy Reid's effectiveness for this season. If his sons were not involved in legal issues, and the Eagles were still 1-3, do you think Reid's performance would still be a huge issue?
    • Are you concerned about the number of injuries that the Eagles have suffered so far, or is it just a simple part of the game that happens every year?
    • As McNabb's scrambling abilities diminish, does a pocket passer still fit into this offensive scheme, or do you feel the scheme has changed accordingly?
    • How would you evaluate the entire coaching staff of the Eagles through the first four games?
    • With Dallas dominant and putting up impressive numbers, how crucial are the next few weeks for the Eagles before meeting them for the first time in November?
    • The Eagles have been criticized for not pursuing a big-name receiver to compliment McNabb and Westbrook, despite being so far under the salary cap... what are your thoughts?
  • We discuss expectations for the Eagles - Jets game at the Meadowlands this coming Sunday.
Originally, Ian from Inside the Iggles blog was also supposed to be a guest on the show.  Unfortunately, he had some serious computer problems, which prevented him from sitting in with us.

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Show Notes: Episode 9 for Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We are proud to announce that we are now part of the Sports Podcast Network. We’re psyched to be a part of the sports community they’ve built, and continue to build. You can visit their main site at

  • Brian Westbrook named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance in the Lions win
  • Who was to blame? McNabb or the Coaches?
  • Offense is in bad shape, we discuss
  • Defense was impressive again; only allowed one Giants TD, and limited their yardage
  • No positives going into the BYE?
  • What games to watch with no Eagles on TV
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