Show Notes: Episode 20 for Wednesday, December 26, 2007

  • The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New Orleans Saints in N’Orleans, 38-23
  • Buffalo Bills come to the Linc this Sunday, and we talk briefly about the game
  • Eagles team talk: players, coaches, injuries and picking up a new CB
  • Fantasy Football talk
  • EFC plans past NFL week 17
  • Stay subscribed, we’re not done!!

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Show Notes: Episode 19 for Tuesday, December 18, 2007

  • The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas, 10-6
  • The Eagles are out of playoff contention officially due to the Minnesota Vikings win on Monday Night
  • The Eagles game was a battle that was a lot of fun to watch
  • Brian Westbrook’s one yard line knee… just a selfless act by a great player
  • The Cowboys’ Roy Williams horse collar tackle on Donovan McNabb… we think a one game suspension isn’t enough
  • By the way, all of our predictions were correct!! (Revisit Eagles FanCast Episode 4 for proof!)
  • We talk about McNabb and his remaining contract
  • McNabb’s relationship with Eagles Management
  • Fox Sports’ Pam Oliver’s comments, McNabb’s denial, and the fallout

Link to article about the Pam Oliver / McNabb issue:

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Show Notes: Episode 18 for Tuesday, December 11, 2007

  • Eagles lose at home to the New York Giants 16-13 in another heartbreaker
  • The Offensive first drive looked great, then there was nothing the rest of the game
  • The Eagles lost five games this season by a margin of four points or less
  • We talk about Brian Westbrook’s unbelievable season so far… just about the only bright spot on offense
  • What we want from the Eagles this Holiday Season
  • Briefly talk about what’s out there in the NFL for free agents
  • The Eagles wide receiver core… who stays for 2008?
  • We go to Dallas to take on the Cowboys… here’s our expectations

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Show Notes: Episode 17 for Tuesday, December 4, 2007

  • Eagles lose to the Seattle Seahawks, in Philadelphia, on A.J. Feeley’s four interceptions
  • We talk about the absurdity of Feeley’s four INTs and how we don’t expect him to play in Philly again
  • A clip from during the game (see the first clip on our main site), with announcer Moose Johnson saying how Tatupu was invisible to Feeley on the field (courtesy of Redlasso), and we discuss the announcers’ reactions and what happened
  • Anecdote about when Eric and Chuck talked with Troy Aikman a few years ago in Pittsburgh
  • A clip from Andy Reid’s day-after game press conference (see the second clip on our main site), where he gets testy with one of the idiot reporter’s questions regarding McNabb’s feelings about not playing (courtesy of Redlasso)
  • We talk about some of the cold games and tailgates we’ve been to
  • The upcoming Giants game’s expectations

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