Well the Philadelphia Eagles lose their 43rd straight game, all hell breaks loose, cats and dogs are living together, and it’s complete anarchy.

Perhaps that’s a bit melodramatic, but it sure feels that way, doesn’t it?  The Eagles lose their eighth straight game, another coach (in Jim Washburn) is fired, and it becomes public that he was a bully and disruptive to the team!  What else is going to happen to this Eagles team before the merciful end of the season happens in a few weeks?

In this show, though, we talk about Bryce Brown’s play, both good and bad.  Todd feels that the Eagles also have to clean house of players as well as coaches, letting go of Vick at the end of the season, and trading Shady McCoy and Desean Jackson.  Chuck doesn’t agree with all of that, and feels that good coaches can instill better play from the talent that’s here, including building leaders.  We try to stay positive, and have several laughs, but it’s obvious that Eagles Nation is depressed at this point.  We’ll move forward though… we’re Eagles fans.

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