The 2011 NFL Draft is over, the dust has settled, the player lockout is back on, and we have Tommy Lawlor back on the show to talk all about the Draft.  We go over the picks, the repercussions, the Draft day moves and even touch on how things may have worked out for other teams we all love to hate.

What we discussed:

  • Tommy Lawlor is back for the 2011 Eagles Draft wrap up
  • Danny Watkins was the Eagles first pick.  As a 26 year old rookie, is he too old?  Maybe he is the mature player with few miles on his body that the Eagles Offense needs
  • With a 4th round Kicker drafted, Alex Henery pretty much means David Akers will no longer be an Eagle
  • Safety Jaiquawn Jarrett was the Eagles 54th pick, and that will most likely mean Quintin Mikell will not be re-signed
  • Curtis Marsh was taken in the 3rd round to fill a Cornerback spot
  • The Eagles made four trades during the Draft this year
  • Four Linebackers were drafted this year, and they are needed
  • Casey Matthews – one of the most instinctive Linebackers out there in this class
  • Redskins made some improvement
  • Cowboys made some strange picks
  • Giants made some questionable decisions


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