Our first real show of the offseason, and we go after the biggest thing right now, the Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback situation. With Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb on the team, it is pretty unanimous across fans and media alike that something has to give. All three of these players, it is believed, can start and lead a team in the NFL. The media has been relentless since the Eagles playoff loss to the Cowboys in their attempt to stir the pot and create rumor and speculation regarding Donovan McNabb returning for the 2010 NFL season. The general Eagles fan feeling is one of anger and predominantly that McNabb has had his chance to win a Super Bowl, and now it is time to move on. In this show, we try to sort through all of this, bring a few emails and voicemails from our listeners, and give our opinions on where the team should go.

What we discussed:

  • Rumors and speculation are rampant and the media has been desperately trying to fuel a controversy one way or another since the end of the season
  • Why is the fans’ anger toward McNabb worse this year?
  • Our friend Tommy Lawlor from Scouts Notebook wrote an amazingly in-depth look at McNabb’s career in Philly, including the ups and downs, the whole Quarterback situation, and is a must read for all Eagles fans.
  • We share our viewpoints on what we think the Eagles should do with our three Quarterbacks this before the 2010 season starts
  • Emails from Aussie Steve and Dennis, voicemails from DQ in New York and Richard in Louisiana

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